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Get your questions answered here! Job Seeker FAQ

If you have questions about our site or our services, you are in the right place! Below is our FAQ and the answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions. Don’t see your answer here? Contact Us.

Is your service free to me, the Job Seeker? Who pays the fee?
Our service is ALWAYS free to job seekers. All of our fees are paid by our client companies who have come to trust it is more efficient and cost effective to outsource their recruiting to fulltimeGiGS.

How do I apply for a job?

  • Click the Search Jobs button and enter keywords or phrases based on your employment criteria (job title, location, job type);
  • Once you’ve identified a job you believe you are qualified to fill, click the APPLY button and follow the prompts through the application process.
  • Answer any additional questions the application may have
  • Once complete, click SUBMIT
  • Wait to hear from a recruiter regarding your application, but please note we only contact those applicants that meet the employer’s strict requirements.

NOTE: Before you start the Application process, make sure you have a copy of your most current resume ready as a Microsoft Word document and answers to the questions in the job descriptions. You will be asked to submit your resume and enter your answers to any questions listed in the job description during the application process.

What happens after I apply for a job?
So, you have completed your on-line application and clicked SUBMIT. What happens next? For the time being your job is over. Now is the time the wheels start turning and the process cranks-up at Your entire on-line application package is instantly sent directly to fulltimeGiGS and the recruiting partner working with the hiring manager for the position. Your qualifications are now compared to the manager’s requirements, and, if you are a match, you will be contacted by telephone, email, or both for a further understanding of your background and career goals.

What if I do not see a job that is a fit for me, should I submit my resume anyway?
Yes, absolutely! By submitting your resume, it is placed in the fulltimeGiGS confidential database. The first thing we do, when employers ask us for qualified professionals who meet the requirements of their open positions, is search our existing resume database. When your resume matches the requirements for an open job, we will contact you directly to learn of your interest in the job opportunity.

How can I get notified of new jobs that match my search parameters?
By setting up a Job Alert. It’s easy: just click on the Search Jobs button, enter your search criteria, and, on the results page, click on the Create Alert button and enter your e-mail address in the pop-up window. Now sit back and watch your job matches come straight to your inbox.

TIP: The job matches you are sent are only as good as the keyword and location search you entered when setting up the alert. So be sure your keyword selections are narrow enough to send you job matches actually similar to the job you are seeking. Please note you cannot create a “Job Alert” unless the search you run returns results.

What if I can’t find any jobs which match my search parameters?
With as many jobs as we have on our website, you will likely get a list of potential jobs matching your search parameters. But, the perfect job does not come along every day, and you may have to revisit our site to find the career change you desire. Create a “Job Alert” and add our website to your links menu (called bookmarking); then, come back to visit, regularly. New jobs are added daily. See “How can I get notified of new jobs that match my search criteria,” above, to learn how to create a “Job Alert.” Please note: you cannot create a Job Alert unless the search you run returns results.

How can I unsubscribe from Job Alert e-mails?
Within a “Job Alert” e-mail, click on the “click here to unsubscribe” link at the bottom and we will stop sending you that “Job Alert.” Please note that you can set-up multiple “Job Alerts” and unsubscribing requires this action for each of the “Job Alert” emails you receive. If no action is taken, you will be automatically unsubscribed after 90 days.

Is your service confidential? Will you share my resume without my permission?
Yes, our service is confidential. Your resume and profile are only accessible to fulltimeGiGS and our recruiting partners. And, you can be assured, fulltimeGiGS will not contact your current employer without your prior permission.

Will you help me negotiate the best salary for my experience level?
We want our successful candidates to be satisfied with their hiring package. And salary is a part of that package. Since our recruiters work on filling jobs every day, they have a good understanding of current trends in salaries. Negotiating salaries depends upon the specific situation. Depending upon the needs of the employer and candidate we often get involved in bringing both sides together into a mutually agreeable hiring package.

How do I edit / update my account?
Click the Login / Register button located at the top right corner of the website. Once the profile screen appears, update your profile information and / or upload a new resume and click Submit Information at the bottom of the page.

How do I cancel my account?
Please use the Contact Us form and enter “Delete Account” in the subject line. And, if you’d like to tell us why you are leaving, we’d like to know. Please include your reason for leaving in the body of the note. Thank you!